Foraging Subscription Available

Seasonal Foraging in wilderness for luxe wild raw aromatic botanical heritage…sustainable is now available for your perfumed pleasure….xo Living in the wilderness now has its advantages….with all access passes granted by land owners who help support this all wild, raw luxe perfumers passions…so, if you’d like to subscribe, there will be 8 shipments a year correlating with each of the incoming moon cycles, eclipses, high seasonal holidays and the beauty of the cross quarter days….magickally imbued from the forest, essence of the faeries, and the realm of the pure intent…xo


Lots of Nature

Surrounded by a lot of beautiful pine, cypress, redwood trees, along the coast, and a couple of very smart hawks……beautiful walk above today, and preparing for the workshops up coming for The Gratitude Perfume Project….to protect and preserve our native aromatic botanical heritage to create a legacy for future generations

late summer heat….103 today…..the best for imagining how parfums open up on your skin….

Life is full of summer heat, these days……the wrap of a

luscious august is here and we’re in the middle of a summer

afternoon…..the parfums are being chilled like martinis here to

keep them fresh………alight the refrigerated soft flow of the

studio and the deep long formulation curve of the project…..I am enmeshed

in, fully giving myself over to the elements of clean, romantic, and uplifted

emotional body. Lete is how we spend the dog days of summer, before

the crisp launch of a new holiday parfum in the fall.